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Internet Cafe Billing Software


1) Security protection function
    Use of [Ctrl+Esc] [Alt+Esc] [Alt+Tab] [Alt+F4] [Ctrl+Alt+Del] etc. for access restriction

2) Time count and charge function under the mode of charge at the time counting, this software is        counted time automatically

3) Power off protect function under the mode of Time count or Time limit, even cut off the power     supply, System halted, after restarting, the information will not be removed.

4) Ability to track printing and CD writing tasks

5) Have banners that can be used to advertise other services to users

6) Computers to operate in 2 modes:
    a. Pre-paid services where customers buy the codes which, when entered into the machine, will         allow the user to access the services offered.
    b. Membership: users can have accounts and can log on to the machines by themselves with         assigned user names and passwords

7) Every client display the time that a session has been running and the cost of the session

8) Ability to disconnect client from the server

9) Logging of all Café activities e.g. printing, internet usage, scanning, and any sales in the cafe

10) Operating system: Win95, Win98, WinXP, WinNT, Win2000, Linux