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  Products - Networking with Linux
Linux ISP Servers
Ready to use WWW Servers configured with Linux Operating system
Domain name server configured and ready to connect to Internet or Intranet
Send mail server configured and optimized for your e-mails.
Linux Office Servers
LINUX Office WWW Server
Small business www server configured with your business wish.
LINUX Office DNS Server
DNS configured for your business.
LINUX Office MX Server
Mail server for your business and Office
LINUX Firewall
Protect your servers and network
LINUX Institution Servers
LINUX Institution Servers
We provide powerful servers for school, hospitals and maintain them.
The Sadacnet networking boasts low installation and maintaince costs, complete system capability, and field proven ruggedness. Have a powerful and secure network today call Sadacnet.

 Sadacnet Intranet

 We provide Intranet products which cut your time and cost to a  more productivity business.

 Your remote business can share information as if there are  located at the the same place.

 Your customer can now get your products online.

 Sadacnet provide you with most of the application programs for  your Intranet.

 Satellite Router

 Getting a business or corporate on the Internet used to be  complicated and expensive. The Satellite Router changes that. As  the first product of its kind, the Satellite Router and its mini satellite  dish provide high speed Internet access to an entire Local Area  Network.

 There is no need to wait for the phone company to install  expensive high speed leased lines. Simply connect the satellite  dish to the router, connect the router to your network hub and ISP  connection, and you're on the Internet.