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Linux Servers
  Sadacnet offers a wide range of pre-configured Linux servers with and without Hardware, from Linux office servers to Linux ISP servers and Firewall --> more
Anti-Virus Software  
  We belive ISP's clients might be facing a lot of problems due to viruses, spam and other unwanted adverts. This might also be causing inconvenience to ISP by bandwidth chocking and high technical resources required to cater to clients. We have a proposal by which clients and ISP have both have benefits --> more
  Lowest Total Cost of Ownership- that's is what the Sadacnet networking is all about Sadacnetspeed's multi-console stations are designed to give multiple users simultaneous access to Linux, Unix, X-Windows, Ms Windows NT and Windows 98 applications --> more
Multimedia Products
  Sadacnet can provide you with Electronic Brochure (e-brochure), Interactive CD-ROMs which greatly enhance your marketing concept. By understanding your objectives, we will ensure that your e-brochure, interactive CD-ROM or web site is the driving force or an effective extension of your current marketing efforts -->  more
Software Development Products
  Software Development belongs to one of the professional services at Sadacnet. We offer software development for both operating system: Linux and Windows. One of the popular software products from Sadacnet is the Internet Cafe Billing software -->  more