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Can gaming be the turning point for Linux on the desktop?

May 20, 2013

Even with the attractiveness of the Mac's ease of use - which brutally contrasts with the stubborn user-friendly-free design of Linux - both still have the same fatal flaw: few games.

Until now. Valve, with its release of Steam for Linux - and more recently the announcement it's going to release an open gaming-platform based on Linux-powered PC architecture - could totally revitalise the desktop fortunes of this able OS.....
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Android has become a hedge against Microsoft and Windows

May 20, 2013, LinuxToday

Hewlett-Packard rolled out another Android device this week. This could become a pattern as PC makers hedge against a world that's less about Microsoft and more about Google.

On Tuesday, the largest PC maker in the world -- a dubious distinction these days -- added a laptop-tablet hybrid to its growing stable of products based on Google operating systems...
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Linux: The Gold Standard of Code

By Katherine Noyes, LinuxInsider, 05/16/13

There are few things more gratifying to those of us here in the Linux blogosphere than seeing the many and varied virtues of our favorite operating system get officially recognized. It happens with increasing regularity these days, of course -- after all, there are so very many virtues to consider -- but recently an example emerged that has been warming FOSS fans' hearts ever since. [More...]

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Juniper's Bob Muglia on Software Inside a Networking Vendor [VIDEO] -Linux Powered

May 21, 2013, LinuxToday

Muglia stressed that Junos is an embedded operating system for Juniper's own networking hardware. In the move toward an SDN architecture, the software capabilities, which are all now branded as the Junos software brand, are all in fact Linux-based.

"Almost all the work that my team is doing on delivering software outside of our systems is done with Linux underneath," Muglia said.

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Google+ app for Android gets post-I/O overhaul

May 21, 2013, LinuxToday

The Google+ app for Android was updated on Monday, picking up many of the features found in the recently refreshed desktop client.

Like the Web version unveiled at Google I/O, Google+ for Android provides users with options such as automatic photo enhancements and Auto Awesome. Other features include the instant hashtagging, quick access to Hangouts, and improved notifications.

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