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Desktop Linux
 You want your whole office to run on linux, sadacnet will help you to setup your  workstations  and support you. Cut your cost and enjoy best graphical interface  on a reliable, stable and  secure system.
 Obtain Linux desktop

 You know the distrubutor you want to run as your desktop sadacnet provide you  with your  disstrubutor of your choice, be it.

 Enyoy the security of linux on windows enviroment

If you have an office network and use Linux while others in your office team use Mac or Windows, you soon discover that your system has resources to fit into the overall network smoothly; your machine even provides services the others lack. Even a simple Linux desktop offers more applications for networking than do top-of-the-line Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Samba, an open-source networking system, provides the glue that allows Linux and other variants of UNIX, such as Apple's Mac OS X, to work with Windows operating systems.