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Web Designing Training
Search Engine Optimatisation Training Course
Search engine optimization Training Course

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of analyzing your site and modifying it to enable search engines to read it, understand it and index (or catalog) it correctly. This is not rewriting the site or changing the look and feel. It is subtle changes, adding or modifying inconspicuous visible and invisible text so that the search engines can read the site. SEO is not 'spamming' the search engines - it is simply helping the search engines help you.

Course Details

This course will enable you make your web site more search engine compatible, optimized effectively, to attract the target audience via search engines and improve your overall rankings on search engines.

Delivery Method

Instructor Led classroom based training. Stationary and hand outs included.


For those who would like to ensure that their web site is search engine compatible and optimized effectively to attract the target audience via search engines and improve your overall rankings on search engines.


Computer Literacy

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Surveying the Search Engine Landscape
  • Chapter 2: Your One-Hour, Search Engine Friendly Web Site Makeover
  • Chapter 3: Beating the Competition: Planning a Powerful Search Engine Strategy
  • Chapter 4: Making Your Site Useful and Visible
  • Chapter 5: Picking Powerful Keywords
  • Chapter 6: Creating Pages That Search Engines Love
  • Chapter 7: Avoiding Things That Search Engines Hate
  • Chapter 8: Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap
  • Chapter 9: Bulking Up Your Site, Competing with Content
  • Chapter 10: Finding Traffi c Through Local Search Marketing
  • Chapter 11: Getting Your Pages into the Search Engines
  • Chapter 12: Submitting to the Directories
  • Chapter 13: Product Search: Remember the Shopping Directories and Retailers
  • Chapter 14: Using Link Popularity to Boost Your Position
  • Chapter 15: Finding Sites to Link to Yours
  • Chapter 16: Even More Great Places to Get Links
  • Chapter 17: Social Networking, Driven by Drive
  • Chapter 18: Video: Putting Your Best Face Forward
  • Chapter 19: When Google Bites Back: A Guide to Catastrophe
  • Chapter 20: Ten Things to Know and Do When Picking an SEO Firm
  • Chapter 21: Ten-Plus Myths and Mistakes
  • Chapter 22: Ten-Plus Ways to Stay Updated
  • Chapter 23: Ten-Plus Useful Things to Know



Training Period (TP):

  • Course Duration:
    3 days
    Training Start Time: 5:00 p.m.
    Training End Time: 7:00-7.30PM (depending on class progress)

  • What you will learn:
    For a complete outline of the material taught in this course contact us.

  • Course.
    Hands-outs and exercises

  • Catering
    Tea and Coffee
    Student materials, pre-assessment questionnaire, study aids, handouts

  • Cost
    $ 50 excl vat
    $ 57.50 incl vat
  • Enroll
    Come @ Gallery Linux ISP
    20 julius Nyerere way
    [Inside National Gallery of Zimbabwe] near Nssa.
    Fix-phone: 0772-194305
    Fix-phone: 0772-194379
    email: training@sadacnet.com