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Web Development Training
Advanced PHP Training Course
Advanced PHP Training Course

PHP is an open source programming language. It is extremely popular for web site automation.

Course Details

This course covers advanced design techniques in PHP. Especially the use of Object oriented programming (oop) and exceptions in PHP.

Delivery Method

Instructor Led classroom based training. Stationary and hand-outs included.


PHP programmers, web masters, web developers


Have attended our PHP course, or able to demonstrate PHP proficiency

Course Outline

  1. Classes in PHP
    • Using class an a namespace
    • Variable declaration in PHP
    • Access Modifiers
  2. Objects
    • Creating your first object
    • Examining state in objects
    • Constructors
  3. Inheritance

Training Period (TP):

  • Course Duration:
    5 days
    Training Start Time: 5:00 p.m.
    Training End Time: 7:00-7.30PM (depending on class progress)

  • What you will learn:
    For a complete outline of the material taught in this course contact us.

  • Course.
    Hands-outs and exercises

  • Catering
    Tea and Coffee
    Student materials, pre-assessment questionnaire, study aids, handouts

  • Cost
    $ 150 excl vat
    $ 172.50 incl vat
  • Enroll
    Come @ Gallery Linux ISP
    20 julius Nyerere way
    [Inside National Gallery of Zimbabwe] near Nssa.
    Fix-phone: 0772-194305
    Fix-phone: 0772-194379
    email: training@sadacnet.com