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Sadacnet has a range of support options, tailored to meet our customers' requirements. Providing four levels of Linux assistance, Sadacnet offers Installation, Silver, Gold and Platinum on-call support available up to 24-hours, 7days a week.

30 days FREE installation support

With most products bought at Sadacnet we provide 30 days FREE installation email support. This support covers support in getting the product installed, tested and running. The support is supplied by email ONLY. and only applies to products bought through Sadacnet.

If you have a technical query about a product bought from Sadacnet please email us at:

Sadacnet Technical Support Packages

Sadacnet has a variety of support options, tailored to meet our customers needs and provide the level of service required. Providing 3 levels of Linux assistance, Sadacnet offers Silver Gold, and Platinum on-call support available up to 24-hours, 7days a week, giving answers to Linux questions about all major distributions, applications and platforms. If, in addition to this support, you still need on-site help Sadacnet Consulting Services can assist in the implementation of your Linux systems.

The support options all include the following assistance, which covers both the operating system and utilities as well as agreed applications

 Installation of Linux Operating systems and agreed Applications
 Configuration of these systems
 Networking, either as a workstation or server (including email, DNS etc)
 Internet access
 Maintenance – This includes Bug fixes and implementing new options such as the installation     of drivers for new hardware devices
 Work around – This includes submission of new 'work arounds' to the distribution companies     so that any problems requiring a change or addition to the operating system can be solved     at the operating system level and require no further upgrade and maintenance by the     customer.

Each of the levels of support may be purchased either for normal business hours (9.00 – 17:00) Monday to Friday business days or for 24hrs x 7days. If a customer already has an existing support contract with Sadacnet but requires specific assistance not covered by that contract, we can supply immediate assistance from a support engineer based upon an hourly rate.

Silver Support

Sadacnet's Silver level support provides unlimited email support. The price is based upon the number of systems to be supported. All of the issues requiring assistance are communicated by email and are then dealt with on a 'first come, first served basis'. Most of the assistance is then offered by email, but at times our engineers will telephone to assist in solving a problem as speedily as possible. If immediate assistance is required, then access can be made to a specialized consultant at an hourly rate.>

Because of the 'first come, first served basis', we currently make no commitments to the response time, however our current average is 2 hours.

Silver support is most appropriate for those familiar to Unix and Linux but may require access to specialized support to supplement this knowledge as well as regular software updates.

Gold Support

Gold Support is Sadacnet's most popular support package. This offers the benefit of email support and also telephone support. The issues are prioritized by our customers and are dealt with on a company by priority order. The support is unlimited in the number of queries that can be dealt with for any one customer. However to ensure appropriate management of this service we ask for our customers to nominate 2 individuals within their organization to act as Sadacnet's point of contact for all technical queries.

Gold Support guarantees a maximum 2 hour response time from an experienced Linux specialist.

Platinum Support

Platinum support offers a total ownership solution. This option provides unlimited telephone and email support from a dedicated engineer. Included in this option is a quarterly health check and audit of the Linux systems (performed either remotely or on-site). The dedicated engineer will visit the customer at the beginning of the support period to understand the use of the Linux systems. This also ensures that we can advise with developing software and hardware requirements plans for the Linux systems and assist in providing a cost effective solution for implementation of these systems (from backup and recovery to firewalls). Up to 4 customer contacts may use the support service and a guaranteed 1 hour response time is given.

Included with the Platinum service is a tailored Crash recovery and Disaster recovery service.

For enquiries about Silver, Gold, and Platinum support send us an email to:
Or call us on Tel: +2634-776125