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  Web Design & Development
Portal Websites
  A non interactive website with an unlimited number of pages.  
Static Website design
  A non interactive website with an unlimited number of pages.  
Interactive Website design
  Interactive website incorporating MySQL database facilities , PHP , PERL ....  
E - Business Website design
  Start selling online with have your website built with an Internet Shop System ( E - shop ).
E - Commerce Websites
  Conduct your transactions online through a secure web based commerce system  
   E-Banking Solutions   

Online Banking can be defined as an Online Transaction System or Online Payment System will allow your clients to pay online through a highly secure web based e-commerce system. As an authorized user of an online banking system the clients can:

Check Balance: Check your account balances. Get real     time updates on your Savings, Current, Credit Card,     Fixed Deposit, Foreign Currency and Loan Accounts.
Pay Bills: Pay utility bills, assessment fees, membership     subscriptions, leasing and car loan installments, university     fees and many more…
Money Transfer: Transfer your money immediately within     your own accounts or to pay your loan installments or     settle your credit card outstanding. You may also transfer     money to any other accounts at branches or accounts at     participating banks.
Standing Instructions: Set your own standing instruction     to your own accounts or other accounts. You may also set     standing instruction for your Pay Bills.

What is Online Banking offering for Corporate Treasuries:

Bank Account Administration & Monitoring
Interest Calculation & Capitalization
Payment execution
Bank Balance Import
View Bank Account Balances
View Bank Statements
3rd party payments, etc ...

Advantages of Online Banking

 Convenience: Unlike your corner bank, online banking     sites never close. They are available 24 hours a day,     seven days a week and they're only a mouse click away.
 Ubiquity: If you are out of state or even out of the country     when a money problem arises, you can log on instantly to     your online bank and take care of business, 24 hours per     day and 7 days per week.
Transaction speed: Online bank sites generally execute     and confirm transactions at or quicker than ATM     processing speeds.
Efficiency: You can access and manage all of your bank     accounts even securities, from one secure site.
 Effectiveness: Many online banking sites now offer     sophisticated tools, including account aggregation, stock     quotes, rate alerts and portfolio managing programs to     help you manage all of your assets more effectively. Most     are also compatible with money managing programs such     as Quicken and Microsoft Money.

Online banking Security and Access

Sadacnet's comprehensive approach to securing online communications allows companies to ensure that all their email, file transfer, and Web interactions and transactions are private, reliable, and efficient. Sadacnet's online banking solutions are including following features for security:

Secure Email Content and Networks
Secure File Transfer
Secure Transactions with Identity Validation


Sadacnet is developing the online banking using Linux technology, the most secure, robust and reliable operating system in today Internet technology.