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  Web Design & Development
Portal Websites
  A non interactive website with an unlimited number of pages.  
Static Website design
  A non interactive website with an unlimited number of pages.  
Interactive Website design
  Interactive website incorporating MySQL database facilities , PHP , PERL ....  
E - Business Website design
  Start selling online with have your website built with an Internet Shop System ( E - shop ).
E - Commerce Websites
  Conduct your transactions online through a secure web based commerce system  


   Content Management Systems   
  Sadacnet offers Content Management systems for those companies, for whom information is the core of their business like broad casting companies (TV, radio), newspapers, stock exchange, etc. In an increasingly information-driven economy, the success of their business is defined more and more by how effectively and efficiently they can capture, create, manage and deliver information, whether it's contained in static files, database tables, unstructured documents or records. This means the information need to be updated almost every minute or every hour or on daily basic. Sadacnet is offering one of the most comprehensive enterprise content management system to help such companies to:

 rapidly and accurately manage content virtually in almost     any format from its native application
enable business users to create and manage information     using familiar desktop tools or an easy-to-use Web-based     interfaces
support Web services for extensibility and lower cost of     ownership across all your information management and     delivery applications

Security and Access

Sadacnet's comprehensive approach to securing online communications allows companies to ensure that all their email, file transfer, and Web interactions are private, reliable, and efficient. Sadacnet's Content Management systems are including following features for security:

Secure Email Content and Networks
Secure File Transfer
Secure Interactions with Identity Validation


Sadacnet is developing the Content Management Systems using Linux technology, the most secure, robust and reliable operating system in today Internet technology.